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VAN DER BAUWEDE GENEVE is an exclusive brand, capitalizing on 4 generations of watchmakers, diamond dealers and jewellers since 1890.

Shaking up watchmaking and jewellery traditions in line with fashion and trends is the leitmotif of this nonconformist brand.

Through its creations of watches and jewellery, VAN DER BAUWEDE GENEVE combines the cult of aesthetic and technical perfection, with respect for the tradition and know-how of Swiss watchmaking and jewellery.


Design and mystery are the watchwords of this "Outsider" brand often influenced by art, whether contemporary or ethnic.

Animal or plant fascination is not to be outdone and we often find the symbolism of the ivy leaf, signature of VAN DER BAUWEDE GENEVA, the motto of love and attachment par excellence.

From the purest to the most extravagant, VAN DER BAUWEDE GENEVE delights is to fulfil your desires through the creation of your dreams until your delight!

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